Japanese garden guru Marc Keane designs a garden in NY

“To see one of Keane’s gardens is to take a journey to Japan. He is not interested in the artifice that has become so cliché in North American interpretations; what he creates is the real deal.”

Marc Keane has written several books on Japanese gardening, including one used as a kind of “textbook” by docents at the Portland Japanese Garden.

via A River of Stone at Tiger Glen Garden: Gardenista. Photos by Don Freeman.

Gardens can surprise and provoke

Gardens created by artists are often filled with ideas intended to surprise, and provoke moral and philosophical themes that are as important as the verdurous landscape.

via In the Air | Lush Landscapes – NYTimes.com.

Old trees make Bangalore’s botanic garden a special place

“A public space with hundreds and hundreds of old and exquisite trees such as Lal Bagh is visually, experientially and socially different from a public space such as a street or local neighborhood park and can influence our individual and group behaviors…”

via How Trees make our Public Spaces what they are: Kiran Keswani – Citizen Matters, Bangalore News.

The rise and fall of an LA botanic garden


There once was this great garden in LA that the Great Depression sank back into the ground for good.  You can still find traces of it in the aging trees in the posh Brentwood neighborhood. Via L.A.’s Secret Gardens: The California Botanic Garden of Mandeville Canyon | LA as Subject | SoCal Focus | KCET.